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What new activities can we offer at camp this summer?

This is a question many program directors ask each year. When it comes to CampMinder Camp, we think the same way. We want all attendees (even those returning for their fifth winter) to have a fresh, new experience.

Last year we debuted an activity called Speed Sessions. For 45 minutes, members of the CampMinder team flew around the ballroom giving 3-minute “Did you Know” sessions. Each camper learned about 11 CampMinder features they otherwise might not have known. My quick presentation was on our new Printable Notes feature.

The feature allows camp staff to take notes in a camper record and quickly print a copy to be distributed to various staff on camp grounds. It’s great for day camps!

As I was displaying this feature to each table, attendees at one table after the next said, “It would be great if the system could send an email to someone every time a note was taken.” After hearing this suggestion three times in the first five presentations, I made a quick decision that we would build this feature.

During the rest of my Speed Sessions, I began discussing the concept with each table and the scope of the project grew. Some people wanted CampMinder Notifications while other people wanted emails. Some wanted to be notified only when a particular note category was entered. Now permissions came into play.

A few weeks ago, we sat down and sketched out the project, and today I’m excited to announce that Notes Notifications are now live! To turn on notifications you can go to Admin>Camper Setup 1>Notes Categories. You will see a new Notification column where you can enable notifications for specific users by category.

As always, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call our support staff. I hope you enjoy this new addition!

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